CivilSphere: free malware detection for NGOs, journalists, and people at risk

The start of our journey


The CivilSphere Project was born at the Stratosphere IPS laboratoryCzech Technical University (CTU), in early 2018. We believe that NGOs' work is a critical asset for our society, protecting human rights and civil liberties. It is their critical work that makes them a highly valuable political target for a wide variety of powerful actors. Similarly to NGOs, journalists, activists, political dissidents, and refugees among others, find themselves often targeted by groups or governments that feel threatened by their work and actions.

These individuals and organisations often struggle when it comes to digital security. The economic resources available are often spent to finance their causes and are not enough to afford the security products often available to commercial companies and organisations. How can they protect themselves? The CTU University and the Stratosphere IPS group took a step forward to help them. 

The goal of this project is to provide simple solutions for journalists, NGOs, and people at risk for detecting attacks in their devices and networks using our network behavioural Intrusion Detection and Prevention System, Stratosphere IPS, and the expertise of our highly skilled analysts.

Our project is currently offering three core services, all of them with successful case stories, showing us that we are headed on the right direction:

  • EMERGENCY VPN SERVICE: the Emergency VPN is a service that provides a free security analysis of your mobile device network traffic to determine if your phone is infected, under attack, or compromised. Learn More. 

  • CHECK SUSPICIOUS EMAIL SERVICE: the Check service allows anyone at risk to send us a copy of the suspicious email, and our team will check very fast if the email was an attack or not. Learn More.

  • CLOUD-BASED MALWARE DETECTION: for NGOs we provide a cloud-based service where we run our machine learning algorithms to remotely detect the malicious behaviours of infected computers in the NGO’s network. Learn More.

Our project is just starting, and we are incredibly excited for what's yet to come. Stay tuned!