CivilSphere services for NGOs, journalists, and activists at risk

emergency VPN

Is your phone safe to use?

The Emergency VPN is a service that provides a free security analysis of your mobile device network traffic to determine if your phone is infected, under attack, or compromised. Once you connect to the Emergency VPN, our team will capture the network traffic generated from the device for a few days. We will thoroughly analyse the data received and determine if your phone is infected, or if there are any threats that you should be aware of.


afraid to open that email?

Spear phishing attacks are one of the most effective ways of compromising a target. Attackers may craft emails that look like real legitimate emails. Even security professionals sometimes find hard to distinguish a real email from an email crafted by attackers. Our service allows anyone at risk to send us a copy of the suspicious email, and our team will check very fast if the email was an attack or not. Are you afraid of opening that email? Just email it to us.

cloud-based malware detection

How healthy is your network?

For NGOs we provide a cloud-based service where we run our machine learning algorithms to remotely detect the malicious behaviours of infected computers in the NGO’s network. The organisations should only install a small software on their networks to send the flows to analyse. These flows only contain metadata and are highly protected by the Czech Technical University in Prague by signing Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA).