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Emergency VPN


La VPN de Emergencia es un servicio que proporciona un análisis de seguridad gratuito del tráfico de la red del dispositivo móvil para determinar si el teléfono está infectado, está siendo atacado o está comprometido. Una vez que el dispositivo móvil se conecta a la VPN de Emergencia, nuestro equipo capturará el tráfico de red generado por ese dispositivo. Analizaremos a fondo los datos recibidos y determinaremos si el teléfono está infectado o si existen amenazas de las que deba estar consciente.


What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a method for connecting your phone securely to the internet. With a VPN, all the traffic of your phone is encrypted and sent securely to a trusted server before going to the internet. A VPN provides security and privacy.


What is the Emergency VPN?

The Emergency VPN is a service that provides a free security analysis of your mobile device to determine if your phone is infected, under attack, or compromised. The Emergency VPN allows us to access your mobile phone traffic in order to analyse it and assess the risks.  


How does the Emergency VPN protect me?

Once you connect to the Emergency VPN, our team will capture the network traffic generated from the device for a few days. We will thoroughly analyse the data received and determine if your phone is infected, or if there are any threats that you should be aware of.


What type of data can you see?

We can see traffic that is not encrypted. We cannot see your passwords, content of your emails, personal conversations, and websites that use HTTPS, as they are sent encrypted.


Who has access to the data?

Our Civilsphere team has access to the data. Your data is protected by NDAs signed by all our members with the Czech Technical University.


When do I know if my device is compromised?

The Emergency VPN works for a maximum of three (3) days. After this time, our team will carefully analyse the traffic and search for any possible threat visible in the data. After the analysis is finished, our team will contact you with the analysis results.